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Terms and Conditions

Legal Jurisdiction:

Customer acknowledges that all sales are subject to the rules, laws and conditions of the United States of America. Customer agrees that any local or international legal or any other issue relating to the sales and/or transportation including imports or exports of any pigeons will be adjudicated within the jurisdiction of Webster County, MO in the United States Of America.


We reserve the right to adjust shipping dates as needed due to weather, breeding production shortfalls, import permit or health certificate expiration and/or any other circumstances that we deem to be beyond our control.

US Express Mail Delivery Disclaimer:

This information is provided to our customers to help inform and educate to help make the delivery process as smooth as possible.

Please be aware that in our experience the US Express Mail tracking system has rarely provided up to the minute status of location and can often be delayed by as much as 12 to 18 hours! Don't let this info lag concern you as orders are often already on the move and the USPS online tracking system has just not been updated yet.

All Live Animal orders are shipped via the US Post Office and are generally delivered to your door. However, if you have any concerns or are in a very rural area, simply coordinate with your local post office by letting them know you have a package of "Live Birds" coming, provide the Tracking # (which we will provide once they are taken to our local post office) and discuss the best way to get them to you - via customer pickup or postal carrier delivery to your home.

What Is Late Delivery Of Live Animals:

To ensure proper understanding of on time delivery and to prevent misinformed or well-meaning postal staff from mistakenly creating an expectation that you might be entitled to a refund on shipping charges here is the relevant postal regulation that determines what is and is not late:

Postal Regulation: 526.43 Claims for Adult Birds
Click the above link to read the entire regulation. Scroll to section 526.43. Below the underlined text is the relevant part we want to point out:

"Indemnity may be paid only for articles that are lost, damaged, or for missing contents, and not for death of the birds in transit if there is no visible damage to the mailing container.

Postage refunds may not be available if the Priority Mail Express shipment was delivered or delivery was attempted within three days of the date of mailing as shown in the “Date In” box on Label 11. See DMM 609."

To help understand this we have provided an example: We take your Live Animal shipment to our local postal facility on a Monday (Day 0) they have up until Tuesday (Day 1) or Wednesday (Day 2) or Thursday (Day 3) to make actual delivery. They would NOT be considered late and qualify for a shipping charge refund unless they were finally delivered on Friday (Day 4) or later.

We have experienced over the years that often from the clerk at the front counter to the higher ups in the back office, many are unaware of the actual postal regulation regarding Live Animals and what is late mostly they rarely, if ever, deal with it so they go with what they know about a regular Express Mail package delivery and refunds.

While it is rare that delivery takes up to that 3rd day, it does happen. Even when you track online the estimated date they show on the screen form does not apply to Live Animal shipments it applies only to non-live animal mailings (documents and packages).

Our Limited Gender Guarantee: 

Incorrect Young Bird Gender: We make our best determination of gender through various observations of physical attributes which include but is not limited to bird size, social behavior, beak and wattle, skull shape, keel bone length, feather length and width, black ticking and so forth.

At best the traditional method of determining young bird pigeon gender is an acquired skill but is still subject to error and as such we cannot and do not offer a guarantee to replace or exchange an incorrectly gendered young bird.

To ensure and provide a guarantee of gender we recommend our Seed Stock birds. These are adult birds that have expressed sufficient traits and characteristics that allows us to offer such a guarantee. In the unlikely circumstance that we should make an error then here is what we will do:

The Seed Stock bird in question must be shipped back in theoriginal box it came in  (we do not supply a return box but one may be purchased).  After receiving the bird and if we determine it is our error then we will replace the bird and will only refund the customer's shipping costs to return that bird to us. We will then pay postage to send a replacement bird.

We offer no guarantee of any kind on birds that are shipped out of the USA via our exporter.

Refunds and Returns: All pigeon sales are final unless they meet our Limited Gender Guarantee conditions. We do not accept returns on any living or dead pigeons. Besides pigeons, any unopened and unused products or accessories may be returned within the first 30 days of purchase for a store credit only and will be charged a 20% restocking fee. All returns must also have an RMA # (Return Merchandise Authorization) legibly written on the box and can be obtained through the Help Desk feature. Returns without the RMA # will be refused at the door.

Should A Newly Arrived Bird Become Sick or Die Within First Week:

As best as we can determine all birds are shipped healthy. Each one is visually checked for any clinical signs of disease and illness. This visual check consists of examining general appearance of bird, weight, alertness, eating and drinking, external parasites and overall well-being. As a precaution birds are also given a wormer.

Upon arrival at customer location (within 24 hours of receipt) he should examine each bird for obvious signs of distress or disease. If any are noted then customer should contact our Help Desk and report findings so that we can provide feedback and advice as to how to proceed with proper care and ensuring health.

We cannot be responsible for the customers ability to properly evaluate his new arrivals but have provided our Help Desk feature to offer assistance should any be needed. We always strongly suggest that each customer have typical pigeon medications to properly treat any health issues especially the most common to pigeons. In this case we recommend products such as the "4 In1" powder or tablets fromMedPet. Customer is also advised to call a veterinarian for specific advice on diagnosis and treatment of any disease.

Considering the possibility that a pigeon arrives dead, within 24 hours of shipment receipt customer is required to send to us a picture of the dead bird still in the box and provide the band #. We will then determine course of action. If a refund is issued it will be as a store credit only.

Ultimately, we take no responsibility for what happens to the birds after arrival onto the customers premises, the customer assumes all responsibility and liability for any losses whatsoever and for the health, care and well-being of his new birds.

Trademark and Copyright Protection Warning:

We take copyright and trademark infringement very seriously and will pursue legal action. Text on this website is copyrighted. Copying any text on the website without written permission is copyright infringement. Images, logos and designs appearing on this website are trademarked property of this website or have been paid for by this website.

Please Note: We do not give permission either expressed or implied to any individual/s or commercial entity or entities to use the Ruby Rollers™ name or trademark to commercially sell or otherwise make available roller pigeons or pigeon related products using or implying the Ruby Rollers™ name or trademark in its marketing or advertising in any media whatsoever. We intend to protect our property rights to the fullest extent of the law.

We have monitors on our content and will be alerted when another website uses our copyrighted text content or trademarks. Once we determine that copyrighted text or trademarked names and designs are being infringed upon, we will pursue the following actions:

  1. File a DMCA removal request with Google. Your website will be removed from web search within 24 hours.

  2. File a DMCA removal request with your Hosting company. Your website will be taken down from servers within 24-48 hours. This means your website will not be visible any longer.

  3. If your actions of copyright infringement and/or trademark infringement cause our website or business any harm, we may file a lawsuit against you for damages caused.

Revision and Updates to these Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right to change and modify these terms and conditions from time to time and without notice.