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Seed Stock

Seed Stock birds are bred from proven Ruby Roller Stock Birds and carry the same gene pool and are intended for clients requiring adult birds (especially when the more expensive Breeder Stock is not available). These birds are at least 6-7 months old and ready to breed right out of the shipping box. They were set aside soon after weaning, unflown but stocked away until old enough for us to determine if they were cocks or hens.

Suggested use for these are to use them only as breeding stock and raise several rounds of youngsters and fly them out over 1 to 2 years and pick the best to breed and/or put them back on the parents and start a line-breeding program of your own.

Seed Stock colors are usually “Hard Colors” consisting of the Ash Red and Blue Series producing the Red/Dark/Blue Checks and Red/Blue Bars and as for variety can include the Spread Gene Factor (Lavender and Black Self) and Pied (white Flights, Badge, Baldhead, etc) as well as Grizzle giving us both typical Red Grizzle and Blue Grizzle birds.

Where the idea for Selling Ruby Rollers came from: I began the Ruby Rollers line back in 1993 and fine tuned them for about 12 years before ever selling a one. The idea first came when the feed store owner who traded my culls for pigeon feed asked me to provide him 30 a month because he found his pigeon customers kept coming back requesting more of these particular birds. I turned down his request but the seed had been planted...

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