DVD: Settling & Flying Young Rollers

    Great for beginners and those getting back into rollers

    I often am asked the question of how to settle and fly young birds so I thought I would produce a teaching video covering the topic. It will explain everything that you will need to know to successfully fly a good team of young bird rollers.

    This is a professionally narrated video produced by Roller-Pigeon.Com. It completely covers all the stages of how to settle and train young roller pigeons. It discusses the issues you will run into and how to resolve and prevent problems that could lead to ruining what might have been a good performing kit bird or team.

    Stages Covered:

    • What Does It Mean To Settle Young Rollers?
    • Trap Training
    • Preparing To Release
    • Release For The First Time
    • Flagging Your New Team
    • Maintaining & Developing Your Kit
    • Basic Feeding Requirements

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    • Model: DVD101
    • Manufacturer:Ruby Roller Lofts