This section will contain any Almond Ruby Rollers listed for sale. Almond can range from nearly all white (Homozygous Almond) to feathers that are muli-color broken pattern containing up to 4 colors (Heterozygous Almond). Almond can be described like this:

Almond's basic effect is a depigmentation or washing-out of the wild-type color...and a tendency to cause flecking or break. This instability of the factor is practically unique among the pigeon mutations known and is the main reason almond (combined with many other mutations for show quality birds) is so prized.

Somehow, almond produces feathers which may have up to four colors on them. It seems to accomplish this by turning off the pigment producing ability of the growing feather in a somewhat random pattern. In fact, as some cocks birds age, the instability of almond allows more and more normal pigment production. - Frank Mosca” 

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COCK: Ruby-18-493 Homozygous Almond (Young Bird)
These have just been weaned and so are able to eat and drink on their own. When they arrive they are ready to be placed in a kit box to get them settled and flying. These birds can be used for competition or backyard flying. For best results they will need consistent and proper training and feeding to give their performance abilities the best chance to develop and show you how the Ruby Rollers line of birds can perform. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because it is much more difficult to ensure the gender of Young Birds and while we do our best we just cannot offer a guarantee or offer a replacement in such a case. Birds are sold as is no exceptions.
Young Bird COCK
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