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Raising and training Birmingham Rollers can be complicated and challenging so don't be shy when it comes to investing in your hobby. Knowing "what to do" and "how to" do something is invaluable in getting the most of your time, money and efforts.
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The Ruby Rollers Loft Way
Great for beginners and those getting back into rollers
How To Breed Better Rollers (PUB101)

"How To Breed Better Rollers" is the flagship publication of Roller-Pigeon.Com. It offers a somewhat technical view and approach to breeding and raising Birmingham Rollers based on ideas and concepts for the more intellectually minded roller fancier.

The entire process of raising and flying quality Birmingham Roller is divided up into just 7 steps. Gaining a thorough understanding of these steps will help a roller hobbyist acquire the needed insight as to what the issues are that should be understood in order to develop and maintain a strain of Birmingham Roller. Here are just a few concepts that I apply to the raising and breeding of rollers:

1: The Pareto Principle aka The 80/20 Rule
2: Theory of Constraints
3: Systems Thinking

Once these concepts are better understood, it is easy to move on to what we call the 7 Step Loft System. The Loft System consists of 7 key phases in which the understanding of them is necessary to make any real progress in the flying or breeding of Birmingham Roller. The 7 steps are:

Step 1: Acquiring Stock Birds
Step 2: Breeding Stock Pairs
Step 3: Weaning and Training Young Birds
Step 4: Culling Young Birds
Step 5: Training Holdover Birds
Step 6: Culling Holdover Birds
Step 7: Selecting New Breeding Stock

The "
How To Breed Better Rollers" publication is the underlying premise that supports the entire philosophy of the developing of the Ruby Roller strain. It can be for your rollers too. It is my opinion that once these concepts are properly understood, it becomes possible to collapse the learning curve and make faster progress. For those who share these thoughts, you are challenged to take "another look" at your birds, loft and management practices and decide if there is additional room for improvement.

We have literally sold thousands of copies worldwide. Buy your copy today and we will ship immediately. 
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The Ruby Rollers Loft Way
DVD: Settling & Flying Young Rollers (DVD101)

I often am asked the question of how to settle and fly young birds so I thought I would produce a teaching video covering the topic. It will explain everything that you will need to know to successfully fly a good team of young bird rollers.

This is a professionally narrated video produced by Roller-Pigeon.Com. It completely covers all the stages of how to settle and train young roller pigeons. It discusses the issues you will run into and how to resolve and prevent problems that could lead to ruining what might have been a good performing kit bird or team.

Stages Covered:

  • What Does It Mean To Settle Young Rollers?
  • Trap Training
  • Preparing To Release
  • Release For The First Time
  • Flagging Your New Team
  • Maintaining & Developing Your Kit
  • Basic Feeding Requirements

Great for beginners and those getting back into rollers
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