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Ruby Roller Lofts

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25 Bands Per String
Dried 1 LB Size
Hold Order up to 5 Weeks
Pre-Order 2024 Bands "RPDC-24-USA-001" (Roller Size #8)
We are currently taking pre-orders for 2024 leg bands. Cutoff for pre-ordering is expected to be November 30th. Orders to ship mid-January of 2024 or as they arrive from the manufacturer.


The RPDC acronym stands for:  "RollerPigeonDotCom"

*Picture show RUBY bands but you are ordering RPDC bands.
25 Bands Per String
Pure Pigeon Guano (Royal Heritage Pigeon Guano)
This Guano has been collected from our breeder production loft and fan dried and boxed for shipping by US Mail. Contents is our Royal Heritage Pigeon Guano brand with very slight feeding residue. This can be used to make at least 50 gallons of Tea or composted and used as a soil amendment for potted plants and flowers and modest green house or growers.
  1. Nutrient Content: Rich in nitrogen and other essential nutrients
  2. Ammonia Levels: Low ammonia levels, less likely to be "hot" when used
  3. pH Level: Typically neutral to slightly alkaline
  4. Solubility: Nutrients are readily soluble in water, suitable for compost tea
  5. Composting Requirement: Beneficial but not always necessary due to lower ammonia levels
Dried 1 LB Size
Delayed Shipping Service (Delayed Shipping Service)

Introducing our Delayed Shipping Service – a flexible solution designed to enhance your shopping experience and accommodate your unique requirements. With this service, you have the freedom to tailor the timing of your order delivery, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your schedule and other circumstances.

Whether you can't find that ideal matching hen or cock on this current order, planning a vacation, or in the process of constructing your loft, our Delayed Shipping Service provides a range of benefits to meet your needs. Take a closer look at the advantages this service offers:

  • Flexible Shipping: Our Delayed Shipping Service allows customers to postpone the shipment of their orders by up to 5 weeks, providing flexibility to accommodate their specific needs.

  • Increased Chances of Finding the Right Birds: If you don't see the exact hen or cock you desire, our service allows you to wait and see what we'll have listed in the coming weeks before shipping out your original order. This increases your chances of finding the perfect match and potentially saves you on future shipping costs.

    • Convenient for Vacation or Travel Plans: If you're going on vacation or traveling and want to better schedule the arrival time of your order, our service provides a great solution.

    • Ensuring Availability of Desired Birds: If you are still in the process of building your loft and kit boxes but don't want to miss out on specific birds, this service ensures you can acquire them now without having to wait for similar ones to be listed later.

    • Flexibility in Choosing Birds: Waiting for our upcoming listings allows you to fill the box with four birds of your preference, giving you the opportunity to select from a wider range of options.

    • Cost-Effective Solution: Although our Delayed Shipping Service carries a modest fee you may find it well worth the convenience and savings on shipping that it offers.

    • To Add Birds To Your Order: To add additional birds to your order we have multiple ways to let us know which bird or birds you want to add. Just call, text or message us online using our chat feature at the bottom right on the screen.

    Experience the convenience and flexibility of our Delayed Shipping Service, providing you with a shipping solution that fits your unique needs. With increased control over the delivery timing and the opportunity to choose from a broader selection of birds, this service ensures a seamless and tailored experience. Don't miss out on the benefits that it offers.

    Hold Order up to 5 Weeks
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