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Lost & Found Pigeons

Credit Article Intro To National Pigeon Association

Domestic Pigeons with individually identifiable leg bands are registered with one of several National Pigeon Organizations. Below are some email or website contacts to Nationally recognized pigeon organizations.

If there is No band on its leg, it is a wild pigeon and does not belong to any pigeon fancier or club. If you find an injured pigeon without a band on its leg, and it cannot be released, contact your local Humane Society.

If you wish to contact the National Pigeon Association about a lost pigeon please be sure to include the whole band number on the pigeon that you found. This is important in locating the owner of the pigeon.

The National Pigeon Association cannot locate an owner without it. Read the entire article.

yes What to do if you find a lost pigeon: Please read the complete article on locating the owner and basic care for a lost pigeonenlightened CLICK THIS LINK enlightenedfor the National Pigeon Association.