Young Bird Flyers

These Young Birds have just been weaned and so are able to eat and drink on their own. When they arrive they are ready to be placed in a kit box to get them settled and flying. These birds can be used for competition or backyard flying. For best results they will need consistent and proper training and feeding to give their performance abilities the best chance to develop and show you how the Ruby Rollers line of birds can perform. 

The Ruby Roller strain, which we developed, goes back to the old Pensom 514 hen. Our family is known for rolling 20 to 30 feet, spinning fast with good quality. These birds hammer the roll hard and are ball bearing smooth and frequent with high X, H and A pattern.

We have customers who fly our strain pure and some who have crossed them with other strains, they have proven the Ruby Roller strain to be competitive in both local and national fly competitions like the World Cup and the NBRC National Championship Fly.

But most of all, when properly trained and managed, they will represent themselves well. So if for your own backyard enjoyment, breeding to build your own strain and want an outcross, or take on the challenge of maintaining the Birmingham Roller breed performance standard, the Ruby Roller strain has all the right ingredients.

There Is A Secret To Flying Good Birds, here it is: look in the mirror and ask the guy looking back, how much patience and willingness does he have to learn about this breed and apply it? Be willing to put in the time to learn, manage and train these pigeons properly and you will breed and fly quality Birmingham Rollers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because it is much more difficult to ensure the gender of Young Birds and while we do our best we just cannot offer a guarantee or offer a replacement in such a case.