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New Regular Price for Seed Stock is now: $60 per bird!

How and why were we able to be in a position to offer lower prices? Here's the how and why: over the last several months I have been focused on innovative ways to improve and make our business operations more efficient starting in the office, our lofts and all the way to the latest website.


It's been quite the journey exploring new office systems and software, website platforms and brainstorming new features to make customer support and shopping for Ruby Rollers both fast and easy.


Now here is the “Why”: Because time is money and anything that reduces and/or improves my time in the office from handling paperwork (i.e. pedigrees), processing orders and customer followup, answering redundant emails and phone calls to speeding up loft maintenance as well as improved breeder production without lowering quality is a benefit to everyone!


By implementing this host of cost and time saving tools and techniques we are able to lower the cost of doing business which allows us to then pass on the savings to our customers in the form of lower prices on our Seed Stock birds!


One of our improvements that directly benefits customers is that we will no longer be offering Young Birds as the price difference between a Young Bird and a Seed Stock bird would only be $10. This will save customer 4 months or so while they would have waited for Young Birds to mature into full grown adults ready to breed. Also, in many many cases the mature Seed Stock bird reveals much more as far as type and expression than a Young Bird.


Another improvement that will directly benefit customers is that we also have an innovative and VERY unique Frequently Asked Questions Module coming soon and that will save both site visitors, customers and our staff (especially me) all sorts of time and effort.


In Closing:


I want to say “Thank You” to all who have continued to support our efforts in word and by purchasing our line of Birmingham Roller Pigeons over the years! We look forward to many more years working with all of you!

In The Sport


Tony Chavarria


Ruby Roller Lofts