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HEN: Ruby-13-118 Lavendar

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HEN: Ruby-13-118 Lavendar

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Product Information

Breeder Stock

Breeder Stock are birds that have proven themselves as both reliable kit birds and performers. Each year we pull a few of the best kit birds out to join our breeding program and this usually means we have to downsize some older stock to make room for the newer ones. It's these downsized birds that are posted for sale.

The birds age, overall value in our breeding program, particular physical and performing traits and potential to produce good birds at its new loft will usually determine the price of the bird. So in otherwords, Breeder Stock is NOT always sold off at a fixed price - but usually will start off at least at $125 and up from there. Price Includes Pedigree


US Express Mail Shipping Rates

Chart Is For Box, Bird/s and Shipping Rate

NOTE: Shipping Rates apply to all Roller Pigeon Stock.

1 Bird $60Special Box & Shipping Rate $50TOTAL $110
2 Birds $120Special Box & Shipping Rate $50TOTAL $170
3 Birds $180Special Box & Shipping Rate $70TOTAL $250
4 Birds $240Special Box & Shipping Rate $70TOTAL $310
5 Birds $300Special Box & Shipping Rate $88TOTAL $388
6 Birds $360Special Box & Shipping Rate $88TOTAL $448
7 Birds $420Special Box & Shipping Rate $88TOTAL $508
8 Birds $480Special Box & Shipping Rate $88TOTAL $568
9 Birds $540Special Box & Shipping Rate $100TOTAL $640
10 Birds $600Special Box & Shipping Rate $100TOTAL $700

We ship our Ruby Rollers™ year-round, even during winter as we breed our stock in heated lofts throughout the winter season. If you are unsure how many to start with, we recommend 1 pair. This way you can try us out. See how we work with you to ensure your birds arrive in a timely manner and in the best of health. The cost for 1 pair of our Seed Stock Ruby Rollers™ strain of Birmingham Rollers starts as low as $120 which includes a ready to breed Ruby cock-bird and Ruby hen, plus $50 for a special shipping box and complete postage.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the USA. When you buy now, your order is shipped by US Express Priority MAIL on the next scheduled shipping day: Monday (Tuesday - Wednesday on request only). US MAIL delivery can be from 1 and up to 2 days and in some cases as many as 3 days although this is extremely rare. We neither make nor offer any Money Back Guarantees on any type of delivery within 1or 2 days or more.

Product CodeBreeder Stock
ManufacturerRuby Roller Lofts
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