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Did you know oldtimers put a bit of bleach in the water to prevent spread of bacteria and viruses?

Frequently Asked Questions

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How To Feed

How should I feed my birds?

I am often asked "how should I feed my birds"? "It all depends". I'll ask what type of birds he has in mind. Is he asking about kit birds, are they young birds or a mature team? Are they breeders or birds that have been stocked away? Are they birds he is weaning? Does he want to use premixed rations or mix his own? Does he want to use pellets only or a mixture of pellets and seeds and grains? A simple question that is not so easy to answer. It depends...That's what this section is for to get into more detail depending on the birds being fed.


How should I feed breeders?

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What should I feed my breeders?

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How should I feed mature kit birds?

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How should I feed young kit birds?

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What should I feed my kits birds?

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Young Birds


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